Traveling to a city like New York is a great experience in every way. But what we like is to discover the best dishes from each place. Therefore, what better than to compile the typical food of New York so that you do not miss a bite when you are lucky enough to spend a few days there?

Most of us who have been through the streets of Wall Street, Times Square or the famous 5th Avenue have taken the opportunity to enjoy their most famous food products. And there is something that particularly caught my attention was the smell of food in the streets of New York.

If you think about it, it is not strange at all, because on each corner there is a hot dog stand or a cart that sells sweets and coffee. By the way, if there are still people in this world who, like me, are not passionate about coffee, I recommend a typical hot chocolate from one of those street stalls. In cold weather it feels great! And they give it a unique touch that makes the flavor even more special.

But going back to typical New York food, it is impossible to walk through the streets of Manhattan without coming across pizza shops, hamburger restaurants, or street carts selling hot dogs or pretzels. So if you go to New York, don’t leave there without trying these products, they are pure American essence!

Hot Dog

hot dogs

As we said, hot dog stands are on every corner, at least in the Manhattan area. If you go sightseeing, they can fix a meal for you and have one at lunchtime while you rest in a park or continue walking from one area of the city to another. In addition, its price is very affordable, especially compared to how expensive it is to eat there, taking into account that you have to add a tip to everything you consume in an establishment. Therefore, this is a typical New York food that you will find everywhere and that you will surely end up trying.



Pizza is another typical New York food. We have the idea that Italian pizzas are the best, and in fact I have been lucky enough to try them and yes, they are delicious. But the New York pizza thing is another level. The size, thickness and ingredients have nothing to do with the pizzas we eat in Spain. There they are big, thick and with especially tasty pepperoni.



American pancakes are famous, but they have earned it. Spongy and with chocolate, caramel or strawberry syrup, accompanied with cream, they are a perfect breakfast to face the day with strength. Speaking of breakfast, in New York they take very seriously that it is the most important meal of the day. In most places you can find the typical American breakfasts, which include everything. You have sweet options, like eating pancakes and other pastries, but the savory options are the most abundant.



Hamburgers are another of New York’s star products. Any establishment where you want to have lunch or dinner will have hamburgers to offer you. We tried our luck at the Five Guys chain, and it was amazing. You can customize your burger and choose from more than fifteen ingredients to add to it, at no extra cost!

For those who do not plan to travel to New York, you can check what I am talking about in Madrid, since they have just opened a Five Guys franchise in the middle of Gran Vía.

Bubba Gump

bubba gump

In this case it is not a specific product, but a very famous chain of restaurants worth visiting. Bubba Gump establishments are found in the main North American cities and of course, New York is one of them. With a decoration based on the movie Forrest Gump, can you guess what their flagship product is? Indeed, the prawns. Prawns of all kinds and cooked in a thousand ways. I was lucky enough to try several of their products at Bubba Gump in Times Square and the feeling is unique.