new york food history

The United States is a country cemented by waves of immigrants, since throughout its history it has been populated with all kinds of cultures, societies, and traditions. Italian, Irish, Dutch, English, Mexican, African, Central American, all of them give life to the current gastronomy of one of the most important cities in the country, New York.

The Big Apple, known for being the setting for hundreds of movies, for all its visitors is like going back to a place you’ve been to many times, which you know almost like the back of your hand. Walking along 5th Avenue, visiting Central Park, having a coffee on the way to Rockefeller Center, or crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, we have done it thousands of times thanks to the magic of cinema. Now is the time to do it smelling the hot dog stands that are all over the city, or seeing the eternal lines to buy your food in a street cart, like the famous Halal Guys.

What kind of food is found in New York?


In New York we will find all kinds of cuisine, from the classic Japanese ramen or sushi, to Italian pizzas, Mexican tacos, Venezuelan arepas, as well as the typical kosher food from the Orthodox Jewish neighborhood, Central Park hot dogs or hamburgers with potatoes. Everything is possible here, if you want to visit some of the classic restaurants of the big city, where you’ll feel like you’re in a movie, you just have to go to Grimaldi’s or Julianas pizzeria in Brooklyn, or sit down for a coffee at Balthazar, a cheesecake at Juniors , or a drink at River CafĂ©, where you will enjoy the best views of New York. Perhaps one of the most theatrical and striking places is the Helen Starbucks Restaurant, where many future Broadway stars work and where the best hamburgers in the city are found. At any time, while you are sipping a tasty milkshake through your straw or chopping up some French fries, the waiters get on the table and your life becomes a musical.

If you are looking for other culinary alternatives, such as marine or Peruvian cuisine, then Her Name Was Carmen is your place, if you prefer Mexican food then Cosme is a perfect place because her chef has already been awarded as the best female cook in the world. It is also interesting to visit the Chelsea market where we recommend you eat something at Miznon, an Israeli or at Los Mariscos, a taco shop. And in ChinaTown you can eat the best dim sum at places like the Now Wah Tea Parlor.

If you are walking around the city, looking at its immense buildings or getting to know its most picturesque neighborhoods and you get hungry, on any corner you will find either a hot dog place for 99 cents or a delicious bakery like Magnolia’s or Levain Bakery, where there are the best cookies in town or you can enjoy one of the most famous sandwiches in the country the bagel at Black Seeds Bagels. Of course, accompany it with a coffee to go from Joe’s, Ruby’s or Starbucks.

And you can’t leave New York without being in the stands of one of their baseball games, even if you don’t understand the game or don’t know when it’s going to end; The feeling of being at the top of the bleachers, enjoying a beer, Shake Shack burger and fries and cheering on the Mets or Yankees will make you feel right away that you are part of one of your favorite teenage movies.