Now let’s talk about the famous New York Cheesecake. Cakes in particular, and sweets in general, is one of the main banes of many New Yorkers. The first time you visit the Big Apple, it’s easy to be surprised by the number of pastry shops, or rather, cafes that offer an enormous amount of cakes and pastries to accompany your drink. Among the most popular cakes is the cheesecake. And it is that, you cannot say that you have gone to New York if when you enter one of these places you have not tried its famous cheesecake.

Over time they have varied and new cheesecake recipes have emerged. The most famous city in the world to drink them is New York, although other places like Italy should not be detracted from, where they are also very tasty. What is the difference between the cakes of both places? Very simple, the typical New York pies use cream cheese, while the Italian-style ones use cottage cheese. At first glance it seems that the flavor of both cakes will be the same, but it is not like that, because the cottage cheese is much softer than the cream cheese, so when you try a cheesecake in New York you will notice how it has a much more intense flavor and therefore tastier.

Ferrara Bakery

ferrara bakery

Ferrara Bakery is one of New York’s best known pastry shops. The business has been in operation for more than five years. Here you will find cheesecake, but in the Italian style. And it is that, it is a place with Italian roots, proof of this is that you will find it in Little Italy. They have a great variety of cheesecakes. Even if you are inclined to try the traditional one, also ask for a small portion of the strawberry one. It’s just delicious. In addition, they are characterized by being innovative and have a cheese-based cake that is made with Oreo cookies, great for the little ones in the house. It is located at 195 Grand St, New York.



Another of the best places to savor a cheesecake is Veniero’s. Its fame precedes it, so it is not a cheap place. If you want to buy a whole cheesecake you will have to pay almost 40 dollars, so the small portions do not go below 4 dollars each. One of the advantages of this pastry shop is that they offer the customer a wide variety of cheesecakes, in fact, they have them separated between those that are of Italian origin and those that are local, in case you want to try both to know the difference in flavors. The cafe is located at 342 E. 11th St., between First and Second Avenues.

Eileen’s Special Cheesecake

eileens special cheesecake

But for many places that you have visited in New York trying cheesecakes, without a doubt, the most renowned place in this type of pastry is Eileen’s Special Cheesecake. On its counter you will find the largest assortment of cheesecake ever seen. With strawberry, dulce de leche, pumpkin, coconut, chocolate, cappuccino… and if you’re worried about calories, they also have special typical cakes to avoid making you gain more weight. This place is at 17 Cleveland Pl.

Lady M’s Cake Boutique

ladys ms cake boutique

It is a pastry shop in the Upper East Side, specifically at 41 E 78th St. Apart from enjoying its delicious cheesecakes, which you will surely want to repeat. This place is characterized by its fine pastry. Not only does it sell the typical cheesecake, but it also innovates and you can also find crêpe cakes there. Have you ever tried them? Well, perhaps now is the best time to make an incursion into this world of sweet tooth and if you accompany it with a coffee and a piece of cheesecake, you will feel like you are in paradise. They have excellent service and the friendliness of the waiters leads them to have conversations with customers that go beyond what do you want to drink?