Is it possible to go to the United States (and more specifically to New York) and not eat a good hamburger? The answer is no. There are so many must-see addresses that you should try one at least once. It is normal that when we think of hamburgers, we think of famous chains like Five Guys or Shake Shack restaurants. Although they are very good burgers, we have preferred not to include them in our top 5 of the best burgers in New York. Here we propose another 5 unique places that offer burgers that you should try at least once in your life.

Corner Bistro

corner bistro

The first restaurant we like to recommend is the “Corner Bistro” located in West Greenwich Village. This is a very good value for money burger joint in New York. The portions are quite generous, with products cooked perfectly: super crispy bacon, soft bread… Burgers are usually served open so you can put the sauce of your choice. Don’t forget to order fries with them, they are really tasty: don’t miss them!

But what stands out the most is the atmosphere of the restaurant. You will enter a kind of classic tavern with all the wooden furniture. It has a super authentic old Irish pub vibe and is very cosy. Before you go, keep in mind that the restaurant only accepts cash payments. Remember to withdraw money before you go.

Five Napkins Burger

five napkins burger

There are several Five Napkin Burger addresses, and I assure you, this restaurant is worth a visit! In a rather elegant setting, enjoy one of the best burgers in New York. The products are fresh, the meat is perfectly cooked and you have a wide variety of garnishes. Classic but very good French fries, sweet potato fries or even roasted vegetables. Don’t worry if you prefer a vegetarian menu, there are also options without meat.

Keep in mind that this is a fairly popular line of restaurants, so they are often crowded. But the service is always very fast and you shouldn’t have a problem finding a table.

Lexington Candy Shop

lexington candy shop

No, we are not wrong, Lexington Candy Shop is not a candy store, but a restaurant. If you want to travel back in time, write down this address. In fact, it has been open since 1925 and has been run by the same Philis family for 3 generations.

It opens its doors and enters a restaurant from the 40/50 years. The decor hasn’t been updated since 1948, it’s like being frozen in time! The benches, water fountains, and all other furniture and accessories also date from this time.

It has even been used as a film set on several occasions: The Diary of a Nanny (2007) and The Three Days of the Condor (1975). However, the decoration is not everything, the burgers are also very good! Don’t expect gourmet recipes or fancy presentations. His philosophy is to offer simple but tasty dishes always with fresh products.

Bare Burger

bare burger

We told you we didn’t want to talk about burger chains, but this one is a bit special and we think it deserves a spot on this list. Bare Burger is a hamburger chain present all over the world (United States, Germany, Dubai…) that offers mostly organic hamburgers.

Their main commitment is transparency with customers, stating that the products are not 100% organic but that they work closely with a small group of farmers and other sustainable partners. Their philosophy is to offer good and healthy burgers, while limiting their impact on the environment and animals.

Black Iron Burger

black iron burger

It’s hard to leave Black Iron Burger disappointed. The quality of their burgers is really good. They pay a lot of attention to the origin of their products and, especially, that of their meat. They are known for their extremely juicy and perfectly cooked hamburger meat. The other ingredients are also fresh and this makes everything delicious. Here you can also create your own burger by adding different toppings to the meat.

They do not have only some of the best burgers in New York in our opinion, but the service is extremely fast and the staff very friendly. The overall experience in these restaurants is really great and we couldn’t stop recommending it.