New York, New York, everyone wants to be a part of this great city. But how to do it? Based on what we can determine for now, it is best to visit one of the bars on a terrace. They are sophisticated, fun, calm, wild, strong, calming, quirky, and cute. Here’s our list of the best outdoor bars in the Big Apple.

The Roof At Viceroy Central Park

roof at viceroy central park

You will feel like you are flying above the beautiful Central Park thanks to the aesthetics of this bar and its spectacular views. It has sophisticated details, such as comfortable leather sofas and we can appreciate beautiful photos of the sky and clouds made by the famous photographer Dalton Portella. The ceiling is very sleek and modern offering a gathering place for sophisticated New York cosmopolitans. The Gerber Group is known for creating innovative meeting venues and vibrant nightlife, all featuring a fantastic range of classic and modern cocktails that are curated with fresh, local ingredients. With such a stylish vibe, it’s no wonder The appetizers here are simplistic and elegant, but with a touch of hipster charm think artichoke hummus and avocado toast.

Zerzura At Plunge, Gansevoort Meatpacking

zerzura at plunge

This terrace bar is located above the Gansevoort Hotel Meatpacking, on 9th Avenue. It’s a very Instagram-worthy hotspot indeed: dark neutral walls near the bar and floors have handmade Moroccan tapestries, creating an African-inspired haven. It is named after the mythical oasis located in the desert. The young and lively atmosphere really makes you feel like you are in a magical place. If that’s not all, the 360-degree views of the Manhattan skyline and the Hudson River are the perfect setting for partying the night away. Take your pick of unique cocktail names from the bar, including the Shark Tank with its mix of Diplomático rum, lime, mint, creme de peche, champagne and Peychaud bitters, or the unusual shot Smashing Pumpkin, which mixes the Atlantic rum with cocchi Americano, pumpkin syrup and red Bull. The tasty Mediterranean fare served here is influenced by the eclectic interiors and features dishes like hummus, flatbread, and sandwiches.

St Cloud

st cloud

The refined atmosphere of St. Cloud is located on the top floor of the Knickerbocker Hotel in Times Square. Get ready for an air of sophistication at this exclusive hotel rooftop bar with a chic outdoor cigar lounge and elegant views of one of New York’s most iconic areas. The decoration is quite discreet. The main attractions here, however, are the three luxury cabins that jut out above the busy streets of Times Square. Legend tells us that the Martini was invented in the Knickerbocker saloon in 1912, so be sure to try St. Cloud’s version of this iconic cocktail. The dishes served here only add to the polished atmosphere of St. Cloud and consist of small bites of what’s available in season, including tuna tacos and crispy pork belly.

Sky Terrace In Hudson

sky terrace in hudson

This bar is located on the top floor of the Hudson Hotel, on West 58th Street. Welcome to this outdoor oasis, with comfortable lounge chairs, a stylish patio, and bright hammocks surrounded by an abundance of green potted plants. The garden-inspired décor creates a lovely, peaceful atmosphere and is the perfect place to spend an afternoon with friends. At night, the illuminated lanterns that flood the bar with light only add to the tranquility and picturesque views. The cocktails here are as rich as the decor, try one of the spritzers that are the specialty of this place, including Strawberry Rose or enjoy an ice cold watermelon and coconut mojito.

Upstairs At The Kimberly

upstairs at the kimberly

It is located 30 stories high atop the Kimberly Hotel in midtown Manhattan, East 50th Street. Dark woods, ornate furniture, ivy-heavy bars, and fairy lights scattered above the seating areas create a slightly gothic, yet cool vibe. Thanks to the retractable glass walls and ceilings you can enjoy a cocktail regardless of the weather outside. The views from this bar are beautiful, with the iconic Chrysler Building towering above the bar. This terrace bar is stylish and cozy and fancy dress is required, so be sure to head here if you’re looking for a fancy night out. There are plenty of fabulous cocktails here, including the Chrysler, which is a champagne cocktail made with fine honey, Hennessy Black Cognac, and lemon and lime. Choose from a variety of delicious and innovative appetizers, including decadent duck cigars garnished with a pomegranate dipping sauce, and tuna tartare.